Jodie Hooker Photography
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Esalen Series
Gum Dichromate over cyanotype photographs from 4 color separations
Landscape images have been used to represent spiritual ideas since the advent of Art. By the late 19th century, during the Pictoral photography movement, gum dichromate landscapes photographs depict spiritual ideas and concepts of the sublime. Pictoral photographers favored gum dichromate printing for its painterly, ethereal qualities.
Artist Jodie Hooker is a Sacramento based landscape photographer who works primarily in gum dichromate. The Gum dichromate photographs in the Esalen series are symbolic and represent quiet introspection and rest.
Finding the photographic medium that best represents ideas and intuition about the sacred and spiritual in life is important in all of Jodie Hooker’s work with nature and landscape forms. For this artist landscape photographs express the spiritual beyond the real.