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Landscape photographs have meaning beyond beauty. They represent our relationship to nature, the environment, and ourselves. This group of landscape photographs was taken on a road trip along route 2 USA using digital cameras, infrared film and antique cameras. Route 2 is a predominately 2-lane highway that crosses the northern United States from Seattle to Maine. I crossed into Canada at Sault St. Marie and dropped down to New York to participate in two George Eastman Museum Workshops in Rochester at the end of my trip; honing skill in tin-type photography along the Erie Canal and learning gelatin silver emulsion making and glass dry plate photography in Letchworth State Park in NY. Having always been interested in hand painted photographs, learning to make gelatin silver emulsion encouraged me to experiment with brush applied gelation silver emulsion on paper and to experiment with distressing traditional gelatin silver printing papers with chromoskesdasic chemicals and brushes. Gum printing in full color rounded out my adventure in the tangled woodland of my childhood home, southwestern New York state. .
In all of the landscape photographs in this portfolio I explore emotional connection to land and space and the quiet tangled places we all find ourselves in.